Friday, August 17, 2018

Download Driver Kyocera Ecosys M6635cidn

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Kyocera Ecosys M6635cidn Drivers Download. The new Kyocera Ecosys M6635cidn Multifunction Printer: Powerful partner with the latest technology. Comes with the cost-effective color laser printer combines the most important functionalities: printing, copying, scanning and faxing and is optimally equipped for the day-to-day business. With a print and copy speed of 35 pages / minute, the 4 in 1 multifunction device handles all jobs quickly and reliably. With a print resolution of 1200 dpi, the M6635cidn scores with razor-sharp text and image printouts. Kyocera Ecosys technology for a holistic environmental conceptWith the unique Ecosys technology from Kyocera, you can noticeably reduce printing costs.

Both image drum and developer unit have a surprisingly long lifetime compared to conventional laser and multifunction printers. All Kyocera printers are made of robust and high-quality materials such as metal and ceramic. The carbon-neutral toners and high-performance imaging drums go beyond the market standard.  In addition to its high printing speed, the Ecosys M6635cidn has high-quality features. The duplex unit, the 100-sheet single turn, the scan performance of up to 60 IPM / minute and the maximum of 5 paper trays make this device the perfect all-rounder in the office or at home.

Product Features
• Printer Type: Multifunction color laser printer with touch panel • Toner as the only consumable
• Quiet print, Gigabit network interface and USB 2.0
• 100-sheet original feeder with turn
• Optical print resolution: 1200 dpi
• Use for paper sizes: A4, A5, A6
• Duplex Unit two-sided printing: 60 - 163 g / m2, A4, A5
• Standard paper capacity: 250 sheets of paper cassette and 100 sheets of universal tray (optional up to 1,850 sheets and maximum 5 paper trays expandable).

Kyocera Ecosys M6635cidn Driver & Software Download

Download Driver Kyocera Ecosys M6635cidn

The Ecosys M6635cidn marks the conclusion of the new releases and offers a 35 ppm printing unit for around 1,690 euros as a successor to the M6035cidn . The machine is also equipped with a fax and can feed up to 100 sheets of originals, from which both the front and the back can be read in at the same time. All new products come with a ceramic-coated image drum therefore, which should remain permanently in the printer. Every 200,000 pages also attracts a maintenance kit that costs around 660 euros. Unfortunately, Kyocera continues a tradition of toners that many other manufacturers do. Each model has different toners that are not compatible with each other. These are staggered by the printing speed of the devices (last two digits of the model name).

The 30ppm models get TK-5270 series toner for 8,000 pages of black or 6,000 pages in color each. The scope of supply then includes toner with a range of 3,500 pages and 2,500 pages per color, which are not commercially available. The brisker 35ppm models use the four new TK-5280 series toner cartridges that are designed to print 13,000 pages in black and 11,000 color pages per ISO standard. Kyocera launches toner for 6,000 black pages and 5,000 color pages. For the 40 ppm class belongs at present only the pure printer P7240cdn which receives the series TK-5290- Toner. These then suffice for 17,000 pages in black and 13,000 pages in color. The printer is supplied with an 8000er black toner and three color cartridges for 6,000 pages each. 


Window OS Compatible: Win 10 / Win 8.1/ Win 8/ Win 7/ Win Server 2016,2012,2008 (32/64-bit)
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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Download Driver Kyocera Ecosys M6630cidn

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Kyocera Ecosys M6630cidn Drivers Download. For about 1,150 euros, there is the Ecosys M6630cidn which is equipped with fax. The successor to the M6030cdn is the 30-ipm print engine. Like the sister model without a fax, the document feeder is also equipped with a reversing mechanism and a smaller capacity of 75 sheets. The purchase of a multifunctional is often seen as a closing point on the budget, something that you also have to arrange at the last minute. Although we handle more and more things digitally nowadays, a printer remains an important place in the office. Something has to be printed regularly and the scanner is still used a lot. That is why we will regularly pay attention to printers and multifunctionals. Today it is the turn of the Kyocera Ecosys M6630cidn, a 30-page-per-minute laser printer that can print in black and white as well as in color.

The Kyocera Ecosys M6630cidn is objectively a fairly large machine, which is 64 cm high, 47 cm wide and 52 cm deep. Compared to other devices in his segment (700-800 euros), however, his format is not too bad. In particular, it is relatively narrow, something that is characteristic of Kyocera multifunctionals and printers. It is also unmistakably a device from the stables of Kyocera. Especially the control panel is very recognizable. That has not really changed for years. That makes it a somewhat dated device. In itself there is nothing wrong with that, but do not expect a large display here and certainly no touch-sensitive screen. Everything still goes with physical buttons and the screen shows things monochrome. Despite the somewhat dated appearance, the control panel has been well thought out. For example, the size of the buttons corresponds to the importance of the function that can be selected with it. You can print, copy, scan and fax with this machine.

Kyocera Ecosys M6630cidn Driver & Software Download

Kyocera Ecosys M6630cidn Drivers Download

In terms of connections, RJ11 is provided in case you are faxing and we also see an RJ45 gigabit network connection in addition to a USB B connection. A wireless module is not built in as standard, but you can still order separately. First, a full-size USB connection is provided, which you can scan for example. Files that are on it can also be printed. Furthermore, you have two paper trays at your disposal: an MPF ​​(Multi-Purpose Feeder) that can hold 100 sheets and a drawer that holds 250 sheets. Especially the latter we would have liked to see better for a machine in this price range. We like to see drawers where you can put at least a full package of 500 sheets of paper. Then you will not be left with half suits either. If you want to do this with this machine, you have to purchase an extra drawer. An ADF (Automatic Document Feeder) is also provided. You can store a stack of up to 75 sheets of 'normal' paper (75-120 g / m2).

In addition to extra paper trays and a Wi-Fi module, Kyocera offers even more options for this Kyocera Ecosys M6630cidn. For example, you can connect a stapler, place a cabinet for consumables underneath, double the existing 1 GB of memory, add an SSD of 32 or 128 GB and add a card reader. This card reader ensures that one can only print if, for example, a pass has been scanned.


Window OS Compatible: Win 10 / Win 8.1/ Win 8/ Win 7/ Win Server 2016,2012,2008 (32/64-bit)
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